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20 Douglas St
Guelph, ON, N1H 2S9



When we train the body, we should be mindful in how it moves, and how it feels. When we nourish the body, it is also important to bring awareness into the experience, enjoy the food we are eating, reflect on our choices, and learn how to make better or more healthful food choices more often.

If you train the body, it is equally important to supplement that endeavor with great attention placed on what you are eating. LIFT Guelph places emphasis on eating real foods vs. processed foods, and exploring natures palate by eating a variety of foods that will nourish the body and aid your performance with exercise and physical tasks

Regardless of your health and performance goals , establishing a healthy relationship with food is paramount. At LIFT Guelph, conversations about your physical training will be as common place as conversations about your food. 

Preparing  your body for your work and exercise habits is achieved through gaining the understanding of what the nutritional needs of your body are.  Nourish your body with fresh and delicious meals achieve the goals you want to achieve

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